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Registered 2005. Owned by Contented Enterprises for 10 years. is a valuable domain for many businesses and public sector organisations. This is especially true since the US passed the Clear Writing Act in 2010, requiring federal documents to be written clearly and correctly in plain language. Workers in many careers need support, job opportunities and training if they write to or on behalf of public sector organisations.

  • New members of parliament, congressmen and women, and senators
  • Legislators, lawyers
  • Federal, local and state government bodies
  • New graduates job hunting in the public sector
  • Contractors for government agencies, NGOs and military bodies
  • Web accessibility experts, coders
  • Professional writers, editors, teachers
  • Teachers and training organisations specialising in professional writing for government

  • Demand on Google for government writing keywords

    Search for writing for government: 861,000,000 results.

    Websites needing this domain

    1. Public sector content editors and managers
    2. Corp comms officers in the public sector
    3. Writing briefs, white papers, etc.
    4. Bloggers and social media managers
    5. Local government
    6. Policy analysts and advisors
    7. Legislators
    8. Social media content provider or manager
    9. Intranet content manager

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